Luxury travel


The horses don’t have much to complain about hauling in the 2020 7 horse Twister. It’s their life, I just live in it... 😉

Our facility

140 x 220 outdoor arena

140 x 220 outdoor arena 

Spoiled horses


Every training horse will enjoy a stall and run, fresh shavings, fan, cold water, and full time hay. Training here is a vacation for them 💜

Life in Kansas


All the horses have the luxury of getting out on 10 miles worth of trails to decompress and “be a horse” ...

Home away from home


At almost 100 years old it could tell many stories. I’ve spent many nights under It’s roof. A dairy barn we converted into 12 horse stalls has become my home away from home ❤️  


Remember the place God chose

for the birth of his only son was not a church or a palace...but a stable ❤️