We have been blessed over the years with so many great horses through our barn, here are a few past to current ones we have sold with a little piece of our heart ❤️

Some of the best 💜


Tres Master Roll - IRONMAN

The horse who carried me to my first URA Finals, and finished top 10 of the year winning round 2. Forever in my heart ❤️ Now owned by Bailey Mcclure 


Hollywoods Hitman

Hitman is one of a kind and forever one of my favorites. He taught me so much and carried me to many wins making the same run every time, always looking like a supermodel.  Now owned by Riley Mckinnis. 


Chasin A Runaway - SPIDER-MAN

Spider came with a dark past and left with the brightest future. Still to this day never rode a horse with a second barrel as cool as his. One I’ll never forget. Now owned by Riley Mckinnis. 


Dandy 💜

This horse was a barn favorite, thankful for all he did for me. 



He taught me you can’t always ride papers ❤️


Legends San Jose - Sailor

This horse had all the ability in the world, overcoming a gate issue to cruising a solid pattern, I’m thankful for the time I had with him. 


Shere Khan

The all mighty black pony that got Cassie started. She will always be a legend around here! 💜


MS Dash N Tenman

10Man was sold as a 4yr old already placing in the 1/2D. He was such a talented natural horse. 


Diggin Corona

One of the biggest most gentle horses we have had the pleasure of owning. Easy as we called him will always be a favorite.  


Miss Lucky Kansas

Phoebe is living her best life in Georgia now becoming the barrel horse I knew she could be. Thankful for the friendship she brought me with out of state clients. 


Hope Restored

Larry was a gem to have in the barn, started his career late but honest. He was such a nice prospect to take on. 


Susies Shinning Aspen

Aspen was my first little reining bred horse I’ve sold, she was a total sweetheart and is continuing her journey in Oklahoma. 💜

Extremes Prize


Prize was a dream to ride, headed to North Dakota to continue her journey. 

She’s Free


Cinderella as we called her, will be missed. Went to her forever home along with 2 other horses we have sold them. Fairytale ending 💜


Swaggs Starbert

One of my favorite homegrown Swagg babies is now in North Dakota with a good friend of mine. He will be a superstar ❤️


Marlin James

One of the best I’ve brought along, he’s living his best life making a young girls dreams come true now ❤️


Gold Dashing Henry

Jordan made a nice one with him. Henry was a rascal in his younger years but grew up to win! He went to Oklahoma to continue his streak ❤️